Application Methods

In general, the most common methods of using Diatomaceous Earth are dry and wet method.

Dry Method

Diatomaceous earth is most effective when it is in dry form. 


To apply Diatomaceous Earth, you may sprinkle with your hand, dusting applicator or use an empty squeezable ketchup bottle by filling half of the bottle with Diatomaceous Earth, close the lid, aim and squeeze the DE. By using this method, it will dust out a fine layer of Diatomaceous Earth.

Wet Method

We normally recommend using Diatomaceous Earth in wet form for sealing any cracks and crevices. You may add an adequate amount of water into Diatomaceous Earth to form a paste like mixture in any container; then you may proceed to use the mixture to seal any cracks and crevices.

Although Diatomaceous Earth can be used in wet form, however we do encourage to use it in dry form. This is due to Diatomaceous Earth is less effective when it is wet or in moist/humid areas. Therefore, it is best not to mix the Diatomaceous Earth with water as by using dry application, it will work much more effectively than wet application.

Types of Applicators

Ever wonder how and what tools can you use to apply Diatomaceous Earth? You can apply Diatomaceous Earth with applicator or without any applicators depending on your usage.

Without applicator

You can apply Diatomacoeus Earth by using your hand with a glove (recommended) to sprinkle to any of your targeted areas. It is just that simple!

With applicator

Depending on your usage, using an applicator can help making the application process become much easier. You may use a dusting applicator or any types of empty squeezable ketchup bottle.

Diatomaceous Earth is environmentally safe to human and pets however, we do recommend you to wear a mask and gloves during the application process. Diatomaceous Earth may cause eyes, skin and respiratory irritation.

Potential Risks

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Wear a mask to prevent from excessive breath in of Diatomaceous Earth that may cause breathing difficulty.
Skin: Exposure to Diatomaceous Earth on your skin can cause dryness. Wash off with water, wear a glove to prevent skin from dryness.

Eyes: Flush with water. Wear a safety goggles if it irritates your eyes. 

Warning: If irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.