Bed Bugs Control

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) work effectively against all kinds of pest with exoskeleton. Since Diatomaceous Earth is sharp as razor to them, whenever they get in contact with Diatomaceous Earth, it will cut them physically hence they will be dehydrated and die. There will be no immediate result as Diatomaceous Earth is all natural. Based on experiments, they will die within 48 hours but in real world application, they will avoid and hide. The challenge is to get them into constant contact with Diatomaceous Earth as much and as long as possible.

*Note that the result may vary depending on how serious is the infestation.


Bed bugs are parasite insect that are commonly found in beddings, carpets, clothes, furniture, wall cracks and etc. You are being their constant supply of food as they prefer to feed on human blood. Bed bugs infestation is a nightmare and they are very hard to get rid as they can hide in tiniest space around your house and immune to pesticides. Research has shown that bed bugs develop a massive resistant to the pesticides used against it. Bed bugs will re-infest the same place again over the period of weeks when incorrect ways are applied to get rid of it.


Bed Bugs Life Cycle

Bed bugs can survive for more than a year without food. Each adult female bed bugs can lay 3 - 4 eggs every day and possibly generating more than 500 eggs throughout the lifespan. Genetic analysis has shown that a single survivor of mated female bedbugs can cause entire infestation within a very short period of time.


Does Diatomaceous Earth kill bed bugs?
Yes, Diatomaceous Earth proves to be effective against bedbugs as it kill the bedbugs physically and dehydrate it. But do take note, getting rid of bedbugs require patience and diligence. There is no immediate result on getting rid of bedbugs (including buying new mattress, moving to a new house). Bed Bugs infest will be surrounding your bed rooms (bed, bed box, cabinet, wardrobe, wall creaks, power plugs, clothes, and etc), living rooms and etc. Besides, bedbugs travel by catching up on your clothes, bags, wallets and etc to different places such as your car(s), office, college and etc.


How to know if you’re affected by Bed Bugs?
You will find bed bugs bites which are similar to insects and mosquitoes bites. Bed bugs are usually more active during our sleep time. Besides, you might find some stains on your mattress which can show signs of bed bugs infestation. Not only that, you can notice live bed bugs on your mattress, it can be very tiny according to the life cycle. 
Here are some tips to treat bed bugs infestation:

1. Check bed bugs infestation in your bed rooms, wall cracks, wardrobe, door, power plug socket and also other rooms/areas such as living room, dining room where you spend your time in the house. Bed bugs can travel and infest your whole house for some serious cases.

Treating bed bug infested room with Diatomaceus Earth in Malaysia

2. Vacuum your room(s), bed, wardrobe, sofa and any areas suspected to be infested by bed bugs. Immediately remove the vacuum bag and seal in a plastic bag (to prevent bedbugs from crawling out). Wash your vacuum cleaner with hot water after used.


*We highly recommend using "Shop Vacuum". If you do not own any "Shop Vacuum", you may opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner, but you will have to be alert on the dust collected. Dispose and clean it every few minutes to prevent from destroying your vacuum cleaner.

Applying DE to kill bed bug in Malaysia

3. If you have a steamer, steam your bed, bed frame/bed box, sofa, wall cracks and any areas suspected to be infested by bed bugs. Leave it for 30 minutes to 60 minutes.


4. Wash all your linen, clothes, and any other stuff that is washable with hot water (at least 60 degree Celsius). Later, tumble dry it at the highest setting. Do tumble dry stuff that is not washable at highest setting. 

How to kill bed bug in Malaysia
Killing bed bug using DE in Malaysia

5. Apply Diatomaceous Earth to your mattress, bed frame/bed box, sofa, wall cracks, floors,surrounding areas and the whole room if possible including dusting the Diatomaceous Earth to the crevices and any areas suspected to be infested by bed bugs. Grab some Diatomaceous Earth on your hand (recommended with glove), and swipe the wall surfaces from top to bottom. You must apply Diatomaceous Earth to every surfaces of the mattress (6 sides/surface), and all affected areas surrounding, then leave it for a week. Repeat the process every week until they are gone.


Please do make sure to keep air circulation at a minimum to prevent ​getting airborne. Hence, we​ ​do recommend​ you​ to seal​/wrap​ your mattress in a sealed plastic cover with anything you can find. We highly recommend you to move to other room while treating the infected room with Diatomaceous Earth. 

To apply Diatomaceous Earth, you may sprinkle with your hand, dusting applicator or use an empty squeezable ketchup bottle by filling half of the bottle with Diatomaceous Earth, close the lid, aim and squeeze the Diatomaceous Earth. By using this method, it will dust out a fine layer of Diatomaceous Earth.

DE supplier in Malaysia to kill bed bugs

6. Repeat step 1 to 5 every week to achieve optimum result.


*Result may vary depending on how serious is the infestation.

Diatomaceous Earth is environmentally safe to human and pets however, we do recommend you to wear a mask and gloves during the application process. Diatomaceous Earth may cause eyes, skin and respiratory irritation.

Potential Risks

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Wear a mask to prevent from excessive breath in of Diatomaceous Earth that may cause breathing difficulty.
Skin: Exposure to Diatomaceous Earth on your skin can cause dryness. Wash off with water, wear a glove to prevent skin from dryness.

Eyes: Flush with water. Wear a safety goggles if it irritates your eyes. 

Warning: If irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.

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