Pest Control In Car

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) work effectively against all kinds of pest with exoskeleton. Since Diatomaceous Earth is sharp as razor to them, whenever they get in contact with Diatomaceous Earth, it will cut them physically hence they will be dehydrated and die. There will be no immediate result as Diatomaceous Earth is all natural. Based on experiments, they will die within 48 hours but in real world application, they will avoid and hide. The challenge is to get them into constant contact with Diatomaceous Earth as much and as long as possible. *Note that the result may vary depending on how serious is the infestation.

Sports Car Interior

Pest is not only a problem to your home, but it poses a greater problem when it infested in your car as it is harder to get rid of. This is due to the car interior consist of carpets and fabrics which provides a good hiding spot for them, and it could hardly get detected until the infestations has become a big colony.

Getting rid of these pests by using a harmful pesticide in such a small and closed cabin is not recommended. The pesticide agent will deteriorate the leather, stains the fabric and reeks foul smells that is harmful to breath in. The good news is you may use Diatomaceous Earth to get rid of pest in your car naturally and safely.

Application Method

1. Firstly,  remove all your belongings in your car and vacuum all the dirt on the carpets, fabrics and seats. After that you must inspect and locate the pest nest or where they are more concentrated at.

2. Fill Diatomaceous Earth into an empty ketchup bottle (half) and aim the nozzle to the areas you would like to apply on. Do focus on the gaps and sills area by trying to covers the gaps and sills with adequate amount of Diatomaceous Earth. Meanwhile, covers all the other interior surfaces of your car especially those area that is suspected with infestationn.

3. Leave it a for a week, vacuum, clean and repeat the process until the pest is eliminated. You will notice that the pest activity is getting lesser as you apply Diatomaceous Earth.

Please do remember to switch off the air-conditioner before you apply the Diatomaceous Earth and keep the air-conditioner off until you clean up all the Diatomaceous Earth in your car.



Keep your car clean, and clean your car regularly to inhibit their reproduction. 

Washing the Car

Diatomaceous Earth is environmentally safe to human and pets however, we do recommend you to wear a mask and gloves during the application process. Diatomaceous Earth may cause eyes, skin and respiratory irritation.

Potential Risks

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Wear a mask to prevent from excessive breath in of Diatomaceous Earth that may cause breathing difficulty.
Skin: Exposure to Diatomaceous Earth on your skin can cause dryness. Wash off with water, wear a glove to prevent skin from dryness.

Eyes: Flush with water. Wear a safety goggles if it irritates your eyes. 

Warning: If irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.