Fleas And Ticks Control - External

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) work effectively against all kinds of pest with exoskeleton. Since Diatomaceous Earth is sharp as razor to them, whenever they get in contact with Diatomaceous Earth, it will cut them physically hence they will be dehydrated and die. There will be no immediate result as Diatomaceous Earth is all natural. Based on experiments, they will die within 48 hours but in real world application, they will avoid and hide. The challenge is to get them into constant contact with Diatomaceous Earth as much and as long as possible. *Note that the result may vary depending on how serious is the infestation.


Fleas and ticks are the common external parasite found in dogs, cats and other furry pets or livestock. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is a natural and organic alternative solution to control external parasite in your beloved dogs, cats, chickens, cows and etc.


Fleas and ticks are blood-sucking parasites that feed on human, dogs, cats and other furry pets. While these pest infestations can spread easily and lays hundreds of eggs every day. To get rid of this pest, we often choose to apply insecticide around our home and on our beloved pets. However, these insecticides contain a harmful chemical that may possibly be harmful to our family and our beloved pets.


Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is an alternative solution which is all natural. It is safe to be applied on your pets and your home, and you do not even have to worry when your pets accidentally lick it or eat it.


Diatomaceous Earth for cat flea and tick
Diatomaceous Earth for dog flea

Choosing The Right Diatomaceous Earth

Make sure that you only use Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade which is safe for your pet. Other grades of Diatomaceous Earth may not be safe to humans and pets.


Treatment - Home And Surrounding Area


Look and Spot

To prevent fleas and ticks, it is important to make sure your house is clean all the time. You may want to look around your house for fleas and ticks infestation. Starting with the area where your dog and cat like to spend their time at such as their bedding, kennel, toys, pillows and etc. You may want to look around for the areas that are suspected with fleas and ticks infestation such as:

·        Living room, room and kitchen

·        Bedroom (wardrobe)

·        Bathrooms

·        Window

·        Floor (Sweep, vacuum, mop)

·        Cabinets, Racks and etc

·        Etc

Applying Diatomaceous Earth to dog bedding

Clean, Vacuum and Hot Steam (Indoor)

Clean and vacuum* the suspected area to collect any fleas or ticks' eggs. Ensure to seal the collected dust to prevent fleas or ticks from escaping and rinse your vacuum with hot water (if applicable). This is to ensure the pest and eggs that trapped in the hose or vacuum are dead. Then followed by hot steaming these areas with a steamer or a garment steamer.


*We highly recommend using "Shop Vacuum". If you do not own any "Shop Vacuum", you may opt for a bagless vacuum cleaner, but you will have to be alerted on the dust collected. Dispose and clean it every few minutes to prevent from destroying your vacuum cleaner over time.


Apply Diatomaceous Earth

You may start applying Diatomaceous Earth to the suspected area, each room, edges, affected area or everywhere if possible. You want to cover the entire suspected area thoroughly to ensure an optimal result. Besides covering the suspected area, do apply it in the walls, cracks, furniture, carpet, electrical socket and any small gap that may be infested and anywhere they can breed. If you are unable to identify the targeted area, it is best to apply everywhere if possible.


To apply Diatomaceous Earth, you may sprinkle with your hand, dusting applicator or use an empty squeezable ketchup bottle.

Leave it for at least a week, and repeat the process. Clean up and see which area you caught dead fleas or even eggs to make sure the fleas are killed by Diatomaceous Earth. However, you can adjust your own timing to re-apply the process and repeat if necessary.


The duration might take longer depending on how serious is the infestation. Please note that an adequate and light coating will do. 

Treatment - Dogs and Cats


Preparation - Plastic Bag (optional)

Wrap your dog or cat's body with a plastic bag while leaving the head out. This is optional where you could cover your pet with a plastic during the application to prevent them from breathing in the Diatomaceous Earth and to prevent it from getting into all over the place. 


Clean Up - Bathe and Comb

Bathe your dog or cat thoroughly with a soap free or moisturizing shampoo. Then dry your dog or cat with a towel and blow dry. Followed by combing through your pet with a flea comb to help getting rid of fleas and ticks.


*Bathe your dog or cat every week or, at least, every two weeks is recommended, this is due to Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade can cause dryness.

DE helps to kills flea and tick
DE in Malaysia to helps kill flea and tick


Begin with applying Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade starting from the end of the tail and move towards the body until neck area. Gently brush or apply Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade to the base of the fur by pushing the fur up in order to expose the skin. To ensure an optimal result, apply it thoroughly and cover the entire body from head to tail while focusing on an area where fleas and ticks are commonly found such as around armpits, the base of the tail, paws, between toes and the top of the head.


Ensure Optimal Result

For effective and optimal result, treat your pets with Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade twice a week. Repeat the process for 3 to 4 weeks. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is chemical free, thus there is no immediate results. Fleas and ticks that come into constant contact will be dehydrated and die in about 48 hours.

Diatomaceous Earth is environmentally safe to human and pets however, we do recommend you to wear a mask and gloves during the application process. Diatomaceous Earth may cause eyes, skin and respiratory irritation.


Potential Risks

Inhalation: Move to fresh air. Wear a mask to prevent from excessive breath in of Diatomaceous Earth that may cause breathing difficulty.
Skin: Exposure to Diatomaceous Earth on your skin can cause dryness. Wash off with water, wear a glove to prevent skin from dryness.

Eyes: Flush with water. Wear a safety goggles if it irritates your eyes. 

Warning: If irritation persists, please consult a doctor immediately.

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