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Internal parasites are the common problem faced by livestock farmer. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is affordable and effective natural internal parasite control that is safe for your chickens, cows, goats and other livestock.


Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade has been widely used as a natural wormer for livestock in the United States. Livestock that receive a consistent dosage of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade are known to have an improved metabolism, converts feed better, better eggs production, results in better coat and hoof condition.


Besides the usage for internal parasite control, Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is proven to be effective as external parasite control such as for mites, lice, fleas, ticks and etc. External parasite control can be done by applying Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade to the livestock skin and nest.

Choosing The Right Diatomaceous Earth

Make sure that you only use Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade which is safe for your livestock. Other grades of Diatomaceous Earth may not be safe to humans and livestock.


Mixing Dosage

The dosage of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is determined by the weight of the feedings. The suggested ratio is 2% of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade of the feed's weight.




Dry Food Method 1 - Mix And Serve

Pour the single serving portion of feed into a bag, container or bushel and add the suggested dosage of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade. Shake well to mix it evenly and serve.


Dry Food Method 2 - Mix, Serve And Store (Recommended)

Multiply the suggested dosage of Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade by the numbers of serving and mix it into the feed bag. Shake the bag well to mix it evenly, serve the daily ration and store the rest.


*This method also helps to prevent insect infestation.

Worming Chickens Naturally: How to Worm Chickens

Credit to Becky's Homestead


Applying Diatomaceous Earth To Chickens - Mites control

Credit to Pauly Piccirillo


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