Car - Pest Control

Pest is not only a problem to your home, but it poses a greater problem when it infested in your car as it is harder to get rid of. This is due to the car interior consist of carpets and fabrics which provides a good hiding spot for them, and it could hardly get detected until the infestations has become a big colony.

Bed bugs is a parasite insect that feeds on human blood and commonly found infested in your bedrooms, living rooms, and etc. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade greatly helps to control and kill bed bugs infestation or colony.

Indoor - Coacroaches

Cockroaches are the most common household pest on earth. They are attracted to dark and damp area, garbage, foods and water sources, box cartons etc and can be often found in kitchen, bathroom, garage etc.  Diatomaceous Earth is often used for pest control including getting rid of cockroaches.

Fleas and ticks are the common external parasite found in dogs, cats and other furry pets or livestocks. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is a natural and organic alternative solution to control external parasite in your beloved dogs, cats, chickens, cows and etc.

The very common problem when it comes to gardening and farming is pest issues. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is a natural and organic pest control against slugs, snails, mites, moths, weevils, earwigs and etc. Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade is safe to be applied to vegetables and fruits.

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